Winner, winners and more winners… hopefully a few grinners as well!

December 18, 2010

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas like Oprah here!

Thanks everyone who entered these competitions over the last couple of weeks. It’s really fun for me, I hope it has for you too.

Tony Claytons

Well Spotted

Bliss Bomb shirts.


Shirt 1: Chosen randomly from all the comments on the blog ( I asked 7 ear old to choose a number between two numbers) is Meredith. She will receive a “Jedi mind tricks’ t-shirt in her size to torture her houseful of boys with.


Shirt 2: Tony Choose “Limited Edition'” Well done Skye. You will receive a ‘Jedi mind tricks’ t-shirt as well.

Honourable mentions go to

‘naughty is the new nice’ thanks Di

‘i came, i saw, i got dirty ‘ this was 10year olds, adapted by me.

‘my other t-shirt has a witty slogan on it’ sorry me again. Just kept thinking up things as I sent the email to Tony about choosing the slogans.

‘homework is a non-contact sport’ well done Meredith.


Shirt 3 Goes to Joanna. She was the 1000th person to comment on harrysdesk


What will she choose with her $100 ???


Sew mama sew giveaway winner is Anissa who wins $100 AUD to spend at my etsy store! Thanks everyone (all 256) of you that entered!

There will be one last competition before Christmas.

Come back tomorrow to see what lovelies could be coming your way.

But… be warned. This one will be a guessing competition.

First right answer wins.

5 Responses to “Winner, winners and more winners… hopefully a few grinners as well!”

  1. Meredith said

    Thank you Ally. I am definitely grinning – have been ever since I found out your sweet seven year old picked my name out of the hat. Please give the child in question a hug from me! And I am definitely looking forward to leaping out at my light saber wielding family in my new shirt at an appropriate moment! Thank you – and thank you Tony as well.

  2. quiltrelish said

    I am way excited to have won a t-shirt – such a great surprise!! Congrats to the other winners too!!

  3. anissa said

    So excited Ally! Thanks for such a generous offering – you have made my year (just in time too!)

    • allysonadeney said

      Enjoy your bag and your decorations. …and have a lovely Christmas. Thanks everyone for entering. It was my biggest give away ever.. to date.

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