High School here we come!

December 16, 2010

Move towards the Light!


Well it’s all over for 12 year old…. Primary School that is.

Big changes afoot for her and us in the new year.

We’ve never done this before and so feel completely out of our depth, but are hoping and praying for her high school years to be a time of great blessing, both for her and those who know her.

Oh, I have tears as I write, because she is not a little girl anymore. She is almost as tall as me now, and by years end I will need to relinquish the over the shoulder cuddle position to the around the waist postition. I wonder what else I will have to relinquish. I already show fewer pictures and am more guarded in my speech about her here and in public, because she prefers it that way, and I want to honour confidences.

She has managed to secure a place in Dulwich High School of Visual Arts and Design. We are so excited for her. Already she has found a lovely Christian friend, who is in her class and she has spent some time getting to know her. God has been very generous so far to her and us.

I am encouraging her to blog herself, so from time to time I will link to her so you can see what she is up to. What she is thinking. How she is tracking. I imagine it will mostly be what she is creating and writing.

Seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


4 Responses to “High School here we come!”

  1. Mel said

    I was really touched by this post. My boy’s in his final year of primary (though in the UK they go to secondary/high school at age 11, and our school year starts in September so we have a few months yet) and it does feel strange to be reaching this stage. I can relate to your tears! But she’s a beautiful, grown-up young lady, and I can see why you’re so proud of her xx

  2. We all love your young lady heaps. We’ll keep praying for her to grow into all the joy and good that is in Jesus, in the next year and until she sees him face to face. xxxxxx mckays

  3. Nicole said

    A very exciting new era (although I can understand your tears Ally… in anticipation).

  4. Sarah Kelly said

    Beautiful! Love the toes too! Hope you had fun together.
    love Sarah

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