Bliss Bomb: Quinn Emery of The Joyful Owl

December 15, 2010

Quinn Emery of The Joyful Owl


hd: Tell us a little about yourself….
qe: I’m 15, homeschooled, and love owls.  I am a great sister (I think so!) to 2 brothers and 2 sisters; I’m the oldest.

hd: Usually I ask people what they thought they would be doing when they finished school,  but your still in school…. so what do you want to do when you finish?
qe: I want to go to art school and major in textile arts and also learn graphic design.  I’d love to have a fabric line…basically be Anna Maria Horner (

hd:She does beautiful work! Give us an idea of the happenings that have bought you to this point.
qe: Well, I love to sew.  I am always looking for a way to make a buck, so this was a way to do what I love…while making money.

hd:Tell us a bit about your product…

I make little owls that are perfect for hanging on a purse or as an ornament.


hd: Have you always liked owl? What is it about them that have you intrigued?
qe: No, I haven’t always loved owls.  I started liking them about 2 years ago when I started seeing them all over!  I love their wings…I think that is my favorite part on the real ones.


What did that first sale feel like?
It was wonderful.  Even if it was to someone  I knew, it felt great to sell something of mine!  That now, they have bought something of mine and it’s in their house!!!!


hd: As my youngest ever ‘Friends of harrysdesk’ bliss-bombs, what are you offering us?
qe: Well, for harrysdesk readers, I am offering the special buy 2 owls, get 20% off.  This is a great deal, and my owls will make a wonderful Christmas present for yourself or someone you know.

hd: Quinn blogs at The Joyful Owl.Go there to purchase your very special one of a kind owl for the tree.


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