*Upcycled Cape Tutorial…. the applique

December 10, 2010

Starting with the basic or collared cape.... we then....

1. Draw the outline of the shape wanted you want to applique. If it is a symmetrical motif, fold in half and cut it out making it even on both sides.

We were after a 'Mickey Mouse-esque' devil face outline.

2. place it on your fabric and cut out. Remember to leave about 1 to 1 1/2 cm seam allowance.

You should end up with something that looks like this.

2. Decide where you want your reverse applique to be. I choose the centre back because the original bathrobe was monogrammed and I wanted to get rid of it. (I could have done a normal applique, but because this cape was made for the stage, and the monogramming was white, I was concerned that under the stage lights it would still be visible.)

4.With the right side of the applique piece against the wrong side of the cape...(read carefully) pin in place.

5. With a straight stitch, sew around the shape at 1-11 /2 cm from the edge. Go around the shape 2-3 times. Do not worry if your stitching line isn't exactly on top of each other. It does not matter!


It should look like this from the inside of the cape.

5. Turn the cape to the right side. Make a small nick in the cape fabric within the outline that you have sewn. Be very careful to only cut the cape fabric (red) and not your motif fabric (black).

6. Make a cut out toward the edge of the outline.

7. Cut as close as you can, without cutting the stitching, around the shape until the whole piece can be removed.

.... and whoa-la a devil cape complete with collar and devil motif. Total cost $3 for the bathrobe.

*Please note: This cape/cloak is made for the stage and for older children. If you are making this as a dress-up for toddlers the tie at the neck may result in choking when playing around the house and on play equipment. I guess that’s why in ‘The Incredibles’ the designer says “NO CAPES”


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