Bliss Bomb: Tony Clayton from Well Spotted

December 8, 2010

Tony Clayton of Well Spotted


hd: Tell us a little about yourself….

tc: I have arty pretensions & I love words. I only wear jeans & t-shirts. I don’t like shaving or getting my hair cut. I work from home so that I don’t have to shave or get my hair cut. I work for myself in an effort to spend more time with the family but just end up staying up late trying to get everything done!

hd: Wow, I think I am the female version of you . What did you think you would be doing when you were in school?
tc: I really wanted to take photographs of beautiful urban & rural landscapes, mostly at twilight.
hd: Ahh, how romantic……so why are you making shirts and not taking photos?
tc: I made printed t-shirts & other clothes which I sold at paddington markets during the halcyon retail days of the 80’s. Then I managed the printed ranges of Mambo for many years. When my wife got a job that required her to live in New York, we moved to a little box on Manhatten’s lower east side for nearly a year until budget cuts sent that job back to Sydney. Well Spotted started after that & originally was for a grown-up market but of course when our baby arrived it all became about him.
hd: So tell us about Well spotted as it looks today.
tc: I make t-shirts in Australia. I print slogans on them myself. Some are funny.
hd: So along with the photography, t-shirts seem to have been an idea that has been around for a long time too. Is that right?
tc: Well in 3rd class our teacher asked us all to bring in a t-shirt. She helped us cut stencils out of paper which we stuck onto a silkscreen. I went home that day with a little red apple printed onto a little yellow t-shirt.
hd: I hope you have tracked her down and given her a Well Spotted shirt!  Can you still remember what that first sale feel like?
tc: a commitment.
hd: Yep, I get that! What commitment are you making to all my lovely harrysdesk readers?
tc: I have three shirts you can give away however you like. The winners can choose what shirt they want from the website.

hd: Wow Tony, that is super generous. Thanks very much…..
I did suggest I just keep them all for myself…. but that isn’t really the idea. Ok…. how to give them away
  • SHIRT 1: Comment below telling me which is your favourite shirt from the Well Spotted site. If you win, this will be the one you get!
  • SHIRT 2: Write in the comments below your best slogan for a shirt. I will get Tony to choose his favourite and you will win a shirt. It won’t be YOUR slogan t-shirt but a Well Spotted one.
  • SHIRT 3: Comment on the blog over the next week (any post) and a winner will be chosen from those.  If you comment more than once… you will have more chances of winning.
Ok…. off you go! You have one week. I will let you know the winners on Wednesday the 16th.
(you can enter in everything or just one category)

18 Responses to “Bliss Bomb: Tony Clayton from Well Spotted”

  1. Jenny K said

    I love the Jedi mind trick shirts but there are lots I think are really fun! The Mario Kart one would also be a huge hit with either of my boys…. Great site and great shirts. Thanks for letting me know about this website!

  2. Milika said

    Fantastic shirts.
    I love the ‘action figure’ shirt. And I’m convinced that terms and conditions do apply for ‘good boys & girls’ sometimes.
    Thanks for sharing this site with us.

  3. Skye said

    I actually own a ‘Well spotted’ shirt already (given to me in 2006 or so) – and it is great to learn more about the person behind them. I really love the Jedi Mind tricks one, and have just sent the link to my family members as a hint 😉

  4. Skye said

    Slogan ideas – “100% all natural ingredients” or “limited edition”.

  5. Nicole said

    Jacob was given the ‘i’m small but i know stuff’ t-shirt when he was 3, and I loved that.

    I think after the looking at the site today, my favourite is the ‘imaginary friend’ one – it seems to suit one of my kids especially. I also like ‘green is the new black’.

  6. Meredith said

    Oh how I love, love, LOVE the “Your Jedi mind tricks won’t work on me.” With two sons and a husband in my household, all of whom love Star Wars (the movie, the Lego, the Lego computer game, the imaginary play with lightsabers) I am well outnumbered in the house! What a joy it would be to leap out in front of them in THAT shirt. Ha ha!! Great shirt.

  7. Rebecca said

    I have 3 well spotted shirts that I adore on my boys… Batteries not included
    Good Boy* *Terms and conditions apply
    Half the size, twice the work

    I love these ones the best – hence buying them! But Next on my list to get would have to be ‘Hours of fun for the whole family’
    Love these shirts! Oh and have to add they are FANTASTIC quality!

  8. Pip said

    With a son called Luke and a star wars nut for a husband, how could I not already own the use the force and jedi mind tricks shirts!! The great thing about these shirts is that they wear really well and weather nicely. AND get lots of comments from random strangers – what mother doesn’t want to hear that her son is gorgeous 100x/day!

  9. Di said

    I love the When Will I Be Famous? for my little star! I already have the Jedi Mind Tricks one for my son and we love it!

  10. Stephanie said

    My all time fav is “They’re not my parents we met on facebook” it’s so true!! HAHAHA

    xo Steph

  11. Di said

    My favourite slogan would be “Naughty Is The New Good”.

  12. Pip said

    How abouut “who are you calling scruffy looking?”, or just plan “scruffy looking”….

  13. Stephanie said

    What about ‘Rub a Dub Dub…” hehe or you could do an Oprah, Dr Phil, Ellen, someone lol… like the wiggles and beetles shirts hehe.

    xo Steph

  14. Doug Broadbent said

    I seen a few of the Shirts around the area and they always get my attention.. My favorite is the Jedi Mind Tricks shirt. I enjoy Star Wars but I think the quote is a particularly intriguing one and makes me smile when I think about it. I think that if your work makes people brighten up you must be onto a good thing. Well done Tony.

  15. Karen Stokes said

    Shirt 2: our idea comprises two shirts..because we have twins. Left twin wears the lettering SN and the other wears AP! And so… Well you get it. Twins – SNAP!

  16. Meredith said

    We have a phrase at our place that goes “_______ (fill in the blank) is a non-contact sport.” The blank is filled in variously with things like “Jumping on the trampoline”, “Dinner”, “Watching TV”, “Doing your homework”…you get the idea. Someone, like Mr Well Spotted might be able to think of something generic that could fill the blank and create a handy t-shirt for mothers of sons.

  17. Meredith said

    Oooh…am I too late?? I’ve got it, as it tumbled out of my mouth this morning…QUIET PLAY IS A NON-CONTACT SPORT.

    • Ally Adeney said

      Meredith I will pass it on with the others. Tony hasn’t decided on the winner yet. Another good one would be…. Reading is a Non -contact sport. Thanks for playing Ally

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