Bliss Bomb: Stephanie Robles from Moobear

December 3, 2010

Stephanie Robles of Moobear and Over It

hd: Tell us a little about yourself…
sr: My name is Steph and I rock!! That’s all you need to know really but in case you want to know a little more … I am a very creative person, eco warrior, dedicated refashionista and love all things crafty.
I am almost always making something or have 5 ideas running in my head at any given time. Right now I want to experiment with felt.
I have 3 creative children, Moo, Bear and Bubble and one very musically creative husband, Carlos.
I am also the artistic director of the eco children’s wear label MooBear Designs as well as the bubbly personality behind Over It! my reclaimed accessories label.
hd: Ok Steph, that’s what you are doing now, but what did you think you would be doing when you were in school?
sr: When I was in high school I was studying to be a teacher so I could own and direct my own child centre. I did get my diploma and I did work in child care until I went on maternity leave to have Bear. That’s when I discovered my new found creative freedom.
My eldest daughter Moo and I spend months crafting and rediscovering the world of DIY while I was still pregnant. That’s when MooBear Designs was conceived.

Steph and her oldest Moo, sporting some Moobear creations.

hd: Give us an idea of what happened between then and now that has brought you to this point…
sr: I think the main event that brought us to this point was when my husband, Carlos stopped working full time in Dec 2008 to spend more time with his family and enjoy his newborn daughter.
It wasn’t a decision we came to lightly and things changed dramatically but we both put our creative skills together and launched our business MooBear Designs to offer an eco alternative kids clothing range in the highly mass produced dominated kids fashion industry.
Over It! on the other hand is my own personally hobby and became more obvious after I had our third baby, Bubble. When I wasn’t working on MooBear I was still refashioning so Over It! became MooBear’s little sister… Although she isn’t so little anymore.

Moo wearing a Moobear shirt. Made by mum, designed by Moo.

hd: Tell us a bit about the products you make for Moobear and  Over It!
sr: Sure, our business is an extension of our own personal philosophy so we searched high and low for the highest quality eco friendly and ethically made garments for all our designs.
Each MooBear shirt is unique and original with all the designs made from recycled materials.
What separates us from the rest is that the majority of our designs are by kids and made by adults, not the other way around!!
Over It! offers something refashioned for every member of the family. I know because every member of our family has something Over It!

From the Over It! range.

Zippered elastics.

hd: All your products have this eco friendly philosophy and feel. Your a bit of an upcycler like myself. Have you always been environmentally conscious?
sr: Yep. I am a huge fan of op shops! In our family we call them treasure shops.
Someone once asked me what my best treasure shop find was and without a doubt it was and always will be Carlos. I regularity visited my  local treasure shop for years. Then one day there was a new guy working there and he was super handsome and it turns out he thought I was pretty cute too… The rest is treasure shop history!

A favourite of mine. The doily purse. Over It! range.

hd: We think he is your greatest find too. What was it about you eco philosophy that keeps you going?
sr: We just weren’t happy buying mass produced clothing for our own children knowing that they were probably made by another child. So MooBear became our solution to a simple ethical problem.
hd: If you can remember back, what did that first sale feel like?
sr: My very first sales came directly from friends and family for both businesses. I had a hard time charging them because I was doing it for fun and for my own children. So it always felt weird.
Now though it’s so exciting to have a sale through our MooBear shop and madeit store.
We have sent our shirts to customers in all corners of Australia. We have also sent them to the US, New Zealand and England to name a few.

Rocket t-shirt.

hd: Thanks Steph for being a bliss bomb. What lovely surprise do you have for my readers?
sr: We would love to offer harrysdesk readers our MooBear Designs T-shirts for $30. That’s a saving of up to $20 on some designs and because it’s nearly Christmas I am going to add a little Over It! surprise to the first 5 purchases.
So send me an email at and we’ll get that MooBear tee on it’s way.
hd: Thanks Steph. To check out her Over It! Designs and all things Moobear, check out her shop. go here.  For the full range of Moobear t-shirts look here. I am looking out for my package in the post soon.


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