Bliss bomb: Myrtle & Moss

December 2, 2010

Georgina Nelson of Myrtle & Moss


hd: Tell us a little about yourself….

gn: Mum of two boys, one girl, a fat cat that scratches. Wife, daughter, sister to two brothers and friend to many – my coffee pot is always on!

hd: What did you want to be when you grew up?

gn: Didn’t every little girl want to be an airhostess?

hd: Maybe where you grew up! Everyone where I grew up wanted to be a model…. but I guess it’s the same thing really. We all wanted to be beautiful grown-ups. So what happened to take you down a different path?

gn: When reviewing applications for Magnolia Square ( where I used to work) I noticed there was never any fabulous applications for stylish, scented skincare … now that situation has changed!!!

hd: Yay, I say! So myrtle & moss was born….

gn: Yes, the Myrtle & Moss range was designed to offer that “incidental sensory delight” as the products not only look, but feel & smell superlative.

hd: I love that word ‘superlative’. So skincare…

gn: I’ve always loved sophisticated scents, nothing fruity or sweet but those stunning notes from Geranium, Bergamot, Tangerine, Lemon Myrtle & Mandarin.

hd: What did that first sale feel like?

gn: I was so excited that someone (I didn’t know) loved my range that I didn’t feel like I could take the money.

hd: Thanks George! As the first ‘Friends of harrysdesk’ bliss-bomb, what are you offering harrysdesk readers?

gn: Purchase two products from the Myrtle & Moss range at Magnolia Square or the Melbourne Design Market this weekend and for friends of Harry’s Desk we’ll present you the third product for no extra cost”!

Mine is already in the post! I have known George for about 10 years and even before I tested them I  knew they would be beautiful.

If you aren’t in Melbourne this weekend, contact her via the website.


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