*Upcycled Cape Tutorial… basic cloak shape

November 30, 2010

1. Start with a basic bath robe. The length of the robe will be the finished length of your cape.


2. If your robe has ties and loops, snip them off as close as you can to the stitching that attaches them, without cutting the robe. Don't throw these away... we will need them soon.



3. Put the robe over the shoulders of your superhero/king/emo inside out. Don't put your arms in the sleeves but leave them to fall from the shoulder of the robe. 4. Pin along your caped-crusaders shoulder line making sure all the sleeve fabric is on the outside of the pinning line.



4. Pin the ties about 15cm (6") down the front opening on either side.


6. From where your pins start, sew a smooth line along the pinning line that goes over the shoulders. Move the pins so that you don't sew over them.


Keep going until you reach the already sewn shoulder line and smoothly join your line in.


7. Cut off the fabric (including sleeves) to form the new shoulder line for your cape.


8. Sew your ties to the front as positioned.


9. Turn the cape (not a robe anymore!) to the right side, iron along shoulder seams and now they are ready to save the world.... or rule the world... or cause unknown pain to all who thwart their evil plans!

Your cape is ready to wear….

But wait…. there’s more!

Stay tuned for the more upcycling adventures in ‘Robe-to-Cape’

Soon…. For cape to collared cape

After that…. For detailing your cape.

*Please note: This cape/cloak is made for the stage and for older children. If you are making this as a dress-up for toddlers the tie at the neck may result in choking when playing around the house and on play equipment. I guess that’s why in ‘The Incredibles’ the designer says “NO CAPES”


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