Giant personalised pinwheels.

November 8, 2010


Giant Pinwheels made ready for the fete.

This is my new favourite idea!

I didn’t come up with it myself. I got the idea from my lovely creative friend Kat. I only wish she blogged so that I could do some linking love and share her skills…. Well Kat?

At her daughter Saige’s purple party a few weeks ago she  made and gave them to all the little party people instead of lolly bags. She made hers purple and aqua and attached a ribbon on which she stamped the name of each child. They were so special. The other great thing about them, is that they made such lovely party decorations for the party as well…. all spinning in the wind!

So I borrowed the idea for the fete. Kat lent me her lovely Japanese alphabet stamps, and we personalised each pinwheel as it was purchased. Some buyers had them personalised to give as gifts, some had words like ‘happy’ and ‘joy’ stamped on theirs. One lady bought a pinwheel to add to a present basket for a new born baby boy.

A Ben 10 inspired Pinwheel for a 4 year old boy.

I am also going to use the idea for some birthday parties we have coming up. I’m sure they will go down a treat.


Thanks Kat for the inspiration.




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