School Fete Making. Part 1

October 23, 2010

Over the last week some school mummies and I have been getting together to make things for the school fete.

So less upcycling from me for the next couple of week…. although we haven’t given up on it all together as you will see as we progress.

Here are the first efforts.

Pinwheel pencils.

If you are interested, you can find a tutorial for them here.

They are dead easy, and pretty cheap to make.

So cheap, I will give you the costings.

Pencils (packet of 10) $1.29

Scrapbook paper (divided into 16 squares) You might have some around your house, but about $1.60 per sheet.

Drawing pins (packet of 100) $1

Making each pencil pinwheel about 24c each to make.

I think I will keep them in mind for party favours at our next birthday party.

More pinwheels to come…. with a party theme in mind.


2 Responses to “School Fete Making. Part 1”

  1. quinn said

    that is a wonderful idea! what fun…i’ll make some sometime!

  2. They look great Ally. Good job. I have written the angel kit instructions and need to draw some pics to go in there..

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