Owl tutorial launch and giveaway

October 11, 2010


Those who have been following along will already know that I have been working at perfecting my first harrysdesk tutorial.

Thanks again to everyone that tested it for me and gave comments.

One of the tutorial testers I haven’t told you about is Erica.

So now I will.

Erica has not only tested the tutorial and given me feedback, but also asked if she could give some of the owl brooches away that she had made.

I though it was a perfect opportunity to officially launch the tutorial, make it available for purchase (via etsy) and of course give some away.

So October will be a little like Owl-tober.

All up you have nine chances to win. Yes lots!!



Erica with her tie wrapped hat and co-ordinating owls.


Erica is giving away 3 sets (mother and child) of owl brooches at her blog Recycled fashion. Go there and enter!

I will be giving away 3 tutorials, 2 tutorials complete with all the pieces needed to make your own owl brooch, and 1 t-shirt.



This t-shirt could be yours.... Small lady size (fits my big girls too)


All you have to do is leave a comment letting me know which things you would like to be in the running for. Also tell me why you think owls are so enduring….

As usual facebooking, tweeting and blogging it on will give you more entries.

If you are a give away junky you can find a list of them over at CurlyTops.

18 Responses to “Owl tutorial launch and giveaway”

  1. Beth Braga said

    Hi Ally.

    I am very excited about your giveaway! Jack saw an owl that I am wearing and asked if we could collect them. Just tonight I said I would ask about an owl tutorial for us to make. So we would like to win an owl tutorial with bits so we can add to our owl family! Thanks.


  2. dearkeesha said

    Hey, I would love to win the tutorial with the pieces needed to make the owls.
    Here is the thing, I hate birds–I’m terrified of them; one flies towards me and I panic. yet, I love owls. There is something that just makes me feel like, okay, maybe all birds aren’t that bad, if only they’d all be owls!The shape of their head is so un-terrifying and their big eyes are just so cute you can’t look at one and think “AAHHHH!”

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Mel said

    Yay! Exciting 🙂

    I’m already lucky enough to have a tutorial and have made one t-shirt myself already, so I’m not entering this, but wanted to wish you well with the whole venture! xx

  4. oasis789 said

    Thanks for the contest! I’d like to win the t-shirt please. Owls, I love em. They’re a hoot 🙂 They endure as symbols of alertness, guarding, watchful.

  5. alessandra said

    thank you for this chance. I can’t live without owls. I love them. hugs

  6. Stephanie said

    Woohoo Congrats on it all… You know I will share the love where ever I can!! I would of course like to be withdrawn from this giveaway as I have enough owls to last quite a while… although the t-shirt is one of my favs…

    xo Steph

  7. ottomania said

    Hi there,
    I would love to win a tutorial. Don’t mind if it is with or without teh materials to make it up. It looks a perfect project to start my girls off on a love of sewing/crafting. Thanks and happy blogging:-)

  8. I would like to win the brooch, I think owls are so awsome looking.my favorite owl is the snowy owl:):)

  9. quinn said

    I would like to win the t-shirt. it’s so adorable!
    owls are a symbol of cuteness. (in my opinion. :D)


  10. Catherine said

    I’d be happy with any prize (love it all!) – if I got first choice, I’d like the tutorial with pieces to make a brooch!

  11. Ali said

    I would like to win the t-shirt, or anything really. Owl’s can spell Tuesday, according to Winnie-the-Pooh, and I love their sounds in the forest at night. Also, one of the only books I have kept from childhood, though it be all tattered, is called “The Owl Who Loved the Sunshine”. I don’t know why, but as a child I was fixated with that book.

  12. alessandra said

    I love your blog and owls. I hope to win. hugs from Italy

  13. Therese said

    I’d like to win the owl brooch, or the t-shirt. i don’t personally like owls myself…but am blessed to have one of Ally’s owl, which is a talking point when people come over. But, my 11 year old niece is absolutely obsessed with owls (as is her mother) and I’d love to be able to share the joy with her!
    Thanks Ally!

  14. Jordan P said

    I’d love to win the tshirt, mostly because owls are the wisest, coolest hooters!!

  15. macsinsyd said

    I’d love, love, love that tutorial with the pieces ready! Sounds like my cup of tea.
    Thanks Ally!

  16. Cath said

    Owls are enduring because of their round plump shape and their round saucer eyes. And they are a little mysterious, don’t you think?
    I’d love to win the tutorial, Ally! Thanks for a great giveaway.

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