Repost: Will I make it this Christmas?- food

October 8, 2010

Cook it! Click on the images to take you straight through to the recipe and instructions.


Image from Martha Stewart



image from Martha Stewart


Cookies are simple and always a favourite for everyone in the family. And they would look amazing in little toobs….or even wrapped like a Christmas Cracker.


Pretty printable cookie boxes. Image form Martha Stewart.


These are adorable and printable. If you don’t have a colour printer print them in black and white and colour them with soft pencils. The instructions say to use a box inside the box…. but I think it would be better to print it out on slightly thicker cardboard and to wrap the biscuits in a little cellophane.


From Martha again.... I love this lady.


Ok, maybe not a good idea to put gingerbread and molassas cookies in your childs bedroom and then expect them not to eat it, but the idea is fun.

The non-sensible part of me though, thinks it would be magical waking up to the smell and prospect of cookies in the morning.

Maybe as a gift for a friend to hang above their dining table, or in the hall.

The instructions come with printable templates (which could be used for fabric or paper).


Photo from Gourmet traveller


Whipped Brandy Butter ….. eat it with your pudding. Great gift for the guys on your list.


Photo from heats4home Recipes from family crafts


Click on the image and it will take to to a page of countless recipes that can be measured out and packaged up like in the picture. The idea is that the receiver cooks the food themselves and that it the fun of it.

Recipes range from sweet to savoury, traditional to fun. Many have printable tags to attach to your jar for extra style.

Here is a quick look at one of the fun ones.

Snowman Soup 

1 package hot chocolate mix

3 Hershey Kisses
1 handful of miniature marshmallows
1 candy cane

Put items in a mug and wrap with cellophane.

Include this poem:

Was told you’ve been real good this year
Always glad to hear it
With freezing weather drawing near
You’ll need to warm the spirit
So here’s a little Snowman Soup
Complete with stirring stick
Add hot water, sip it slow
It’s sure to do the trick!


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