Repost: Will I make it this Christmas?- flower food

October 7, 2010

I know this is a weird kind of category, but I am taking the inspiration from our experimental 9 year old who loves to create perfumes from the flower and fruit species of plants in the garden.

As I started looking for things to make with her and the other girls I thought….. this would be a great activity to do as a family and give to those we love.

You can almost smell them through the screen…… you can’t ??? …… you need an imagination overhaul!


Image from herbal lifestyle. What a yummy place to start!

Image from Herbal Lifestyle. What a yummy place to start!


1. Violet Syrup.

As you can imagine the colour of this finished is amazing…. but it’s not the colour you think!

Herbal lifestyle has the full tutorial … well recipe actually.



Photo and Tutorial from Clever Nesting


2. Lavender Tea.

How pretty is this one?! And to make it even better, the easiest tutorial I have posted to date.

Full details here at Clever Nesting


how to make rose petal jelly tutorial recipe

Tutorial and image form herbal lifestyle


3. Rose Petal Jelly.

Yum! and high in Vitamin C…. what more could you ask for?

See how at Herbal Lifestyle



A salad and flowers in one. Image from Martha stewart


4. Mixed Greens Salad with fresh edible Flowers.

The perfect salad to take to a Christmas BBQ. “Just bring a salad” becomes flowers for the host and a salad in one!

Martha Stewart give to recipe here, and you can find a list of edible flowers and their flavours here at Home Cooking.

Happy making Petals.



2 Responses to “Repost: Will I make it this Christmas?- flower food”

  1. Hi Allyson. Thank you for featuring two my tutorials in your lovely blog!
    ~Mary at Herban Lifestyle

  2. […] 6, 2009 As promised, a few ideas on how to package the foods made from flowers, we looked at last […]

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