Repost: Will I make it this Christmas?-Playfood

October 6, 2010

Fortune cookies that never give away their secrets.

Super easy felt sushi.

Strawberries for those children who aren't allowed junk food.

A felt muffin.

For the seriously crazy among you. A chinese take away container.

Lunch. Sandwich and chips.

Click away and discover the free online patterns and tutorials for all this wonderful playfood. Everything is free for your own use, which includes gifts, as long as you don’t sell it. All photos are from the originating tutorials websites.

Adorable felt cookies in animal shapes.


a sewn piece of cake. My kind of baking.

A slice of 100% fat free crochet cake.

Cute crochet cupcakes.

Crochet Christmas pudding.

A box of crochet chocolates. Why not make 3?

A coffee cup crocheted for an endless afternoon tea.

Fortune Cookies or sushi in there own little take away box.

Felt biscuits

Sandwich and chips


Felt donutsand Cupcakesor Crochet cupcakes

Slice of cake or a knitted piece of Cake

Cup of Coffee

A crochet box of chocolates

Christmas puddings


One Response to “Repost: Will I make it this Christmas?-Playfood”

  1. Ali said

    I think I commented on this in my head, but go the crochet! I love the little puddings.

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