Repost: Will I make it this Christmas?- Little bags

October 4, 2010

Boxy case. Photo by three bears

Boxy case. Photo by three bears

1: The boxy case

If you are after a pencil case with some dimension, a great tutorial is available here at three bears. Its pretty simple, and the proportions could be changed to make a travel shoe bag, a make-up bag, make a few in baby fabric for the nappy bag or line it with plastic for a lunch bag.

Shoe bags

Shoe bags

2: The shoe bag

Betz White gives a tutorial on the shoe bag.

If you are out of practise sewing or you want a quick present for anyone these are great.

Make tartan ones for grandads, pink ballet slipper ones for preschool girls and use funky prints for teens. Ikea have some really reasonable, great graphic fabrics available here. The ones above are made from op shop sheets.

Those out there with a high IQ will recognise their similarity to library bags and generally useful bags to hold a change of clothes, sports extras,  food for a day out or make them in a polyester mesh for a swimming bag.

Photo from ready-made

Photo from ReadyMade

3: The Upcycled shirt bag

A super thrifty idea, especially for the men. The link seems to have gone missing during the year… but I think you can work it out. You could even tuck a new pair of socks in the pocket, or fill it with shoe cleaning stuff……does anyone do that anymore?

Combining reverse applique and pencil case techniques. Photo from Sublime Stitching

Combining reverse applique, embroidery and pencil case techniques. Photo from Sublime Stitching

4: The Sublime Stitching Pencil Case

So beautiful, but not for the beginner. I think I’d want to use it for a wallet or small make-up purse for my handbag. It’s too gorgeous for pencils and pens. Check out Sublime Stitching for the tutorial. It’s also a good resource for basic embroidery stitches.

One I made for a gift earlier this week.

One I made for a gift earlier this week.

5: the All Zipped Purse

A zippered pencil case is a bit of fun, and great for a fiddler.

I based this one loosely on this tutorial (thanks Steph)  but instead of putting the right side of the zippers together and forming a seam on the inside, I just lay the zips on top of one another and sewed through both.

I also alternated the zipper ‘heads’ and attached a monogramed zipper pull.

I found the zips at the op shop which was cool, because it becomes quite expensive at around $1 per zip in normal shops. Maybe you’ll get lucky too!

Please let me know how you are progressing with your projects. Mine is going a little slow. Maybe I should stop blogging about it and get on with it.


One Response to “Repost: Will I make it this Christmas?- Little bags”

  1. Stephanie said

    Hehe I have held off buying any more zippers from the op shop as I actually need to make things with them… but they keep screaming…”Buy US ALL!!” Ir’s horrible!!

    xo Steph

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