Repost: Will I make it this Christmas? -Handmade Books

October 3, 2010

It seems at the moment, everywhere I look, I see beautiful books. Maybe because we are coming more and more tech dependent, when we use a book/notepad it needs to be beautiful. Maybe I just made this up because I like seeing beautiful creations being used for everyday.

Making books for Christmas and other gift giving works because they can be enjoyed by all ages and gender.

Think covered e-books, sketchbooks, note books, folded origami books, mini books, fabric books and repurposed books.

*Get creative, all you writers out there, and gift an original story or you can buy the insides of your book. Then ….

* Have it made into a spiral bound edition with your own choice of cover.

*Make an envelope book for a traveller or a little leaf collector.

*Buy a journal from the $2 shop, and personalise it. Write encouraging words or bible verses on random pages. Include surprise pages of photos, pretty paper  and drawings.

*Use the journal to start a recipe book of easy meals for the ‘new to the kitchen’ relative or friend. There are lots of free recipes online… you don’t even need to write them up.

*An accordian book is a lovely way to give someone special a few of your latest photos.

* Or for those who prefer pictures to words…. a photo book.

* Make an online book to send to those far away.

or if you are really tricky….try this

Martha Stewarts Envelope book

Customized Journal by Martha Stewart

Accordian books. Photo from Martha Stewart

Photo book MarthaStewart photo


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