Repost: Will I make it this Christmas?- Earrings

October 1, 2010

Photo from Thrifty fun.

Vintage button earrings. Photo from Thrifty fun.

Turquise hoops at mydailybead.blogspot

Turquoise hoops at mydailybead.blogspot

Earrings are great posting presents for friends and family far away.

These ones are made from Vintage buttons. Get the kids to help with these.

A how-to video tutorial can be found here for the hooped turquoise  earrings.

A very basic starting point for those who have never made earrings before can be found  at Clever Nesting.

basic earrings

Basic earrings. Photo from Clever Nesting.

Fabric lace earrings. Image from narialand

These lace earrings by narialand are easy enough for 6+ children to make. These have the potential to be an upcycled present if you can find a nice piece of lace that would otherwise be thrown away.


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