Boy bag: Happy Birthday Z-boy

September 19, 2010

The upcycled 'Lego' bag.

This is the first of a new harrysdesk idea for upcycled bags.

Op shops near me are full of already made bags, that with a bit of designing can become harrysdesk awesome.

This one was originally a  denim  ‘Jeans for Genes’ day bag, that was in  new condition.

'Lego' fabric with buttons and actual lego piece.

All it needed was a design-up .

I picked up this very fun piece of ‘Lego’ fabric at the markets in Fremantle .

Even the selvedge of it is adorable (see yellow heads) , so I had to use that too, in true thrifty style.

I’m hoping Z-boy likes it. It’s the perfect size for his music books , or lego, or drawing or…..

Stay tuned for more bag upcycling fun.


2 Responses to “Boy bag: Happy Birthday Z-boy”

  1. Stephanie said

    That is one seriously harryfied denim bag!! HI-5!!

    xo Steph

  2. […] use a close to new , and prematurely disposed of  item and  refashion it in the harrysdesk style. Here is one I made UP earlier in the year with a fabric remnant and some […]

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