All the tutorial feedback is in….

September 14, 2010

The last of the feedback is in, and the tutorial is almost ready for takeoff.

Katie generously tested the tutorial on herself and an 8 year old friend.

This is some of what she said:

I was a bit confused about whether you were meant to edge the top of the owl (where you cut the ‘v’). I did for mine, as the fabric frayed too much otherwise. If so, maybe that’s worth adding in? Or maybe you get around it another way?’

‘Under point 7, I think contracting should be ‘contrasting’.

From point 8, I didn’t know how to do French knots so didn’t use these on any of my owls. That’s probably some great ignorance in my sewing knowledge, but may be the case for others too!?’

Thanks for the helpful feedback. Especially the French knots bit….Steph also had a French knots question.

I’m thinking I might include this very handy video tutorial site on my tutorial. The blog is called Mary Corbet’s Needle ‘n Thread.

Here is her French knots instalment.

Thanks again everyone who tested the tutorial. It will be ready for launch very soon.


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