Photo quiz

August 20, 2010

Lots of creating happening at my house, hence blog quietness.

I haven’t given anything away for ages, as I thought I would quickly share a photo with a quiz. With prizes…. just not sure what exactly yet!

What is wrong in this picture? For bonus points.... where is it?

Rules: Please don’t tell me what is wrong WITH the picture…. I already know it is not a photographical masterpiece.

…actually that is the only rule…..

and yes humour is allowed and appreciated.


10 Responses to “Photo quiz”

  1. Ali said

    I know! – number 16 is missing. No idea where it is though.

  2. Nicole said

    Oh, I was going to say that too!!! It’s the mising number 16! Somewhere in Perth? Gunedah? Actually, I don’t know where it is…

    • Ally Adeney said

      Well done girls! No 16 is missing and 6 is missing too (although it is hard to see). It is close to Perth…..very close! Think superstitiously about the missing numbers and that will give you a hint! Keep trying…. I will give multiple things away Ally

  3. Therese said

    16 is missing and is it at Fremantle Jail??

    • allysonadeney said

      Good work Therese! It is Fremantle Gaol.
      Now …. can anyone tell me which particular section of the gaol?

  4. yeah it -appears- number 16 is missing. But I think its actually posing as 19 and 19 is actually missing. either that or 19 has split up and is posing as the 1 and 9 individually. And if that is the case then we have much bigger problems on our hands 😛

    • Ally Adeney said

      Hey gingerality, No 16 is actually missing…. and there is a reason (prize if someone can tell me) and 19 is 19. There also is 1 and 9 as individuals, as well as a couple. If you were here you would have much bigger problems on your hands than merely the absence of 6 and 16…hint about section of Fremantle Gaol. Ally

  5. Mel said

    I spotted the number 16 was missing before I read the answers – is it a row of cells or death row or something? Is it because 6 looks like a hangman’s noose?

    • allysonadeney said

      Spot on Mel!
      6 looks like a hangman’s noose, and that is why they don’t use it.
      But…. it’s not death row, but close. Think punishment… if you weren’t already.

  6. […] 23, 2010 Last week I posted a spot quiz. Asking what was wrong in this picture… and where is it. Picture in question! Inside Solitary […]

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