A new bag style…. oooo I think it is my favourite so far!

August 9, 2010

The Upcycled Wheaton Slouch bag.Black, white and silver.

Upcycled buckle and adjustable strap... from shoulder to across the body.

Nice and slouchy...

Lots of yummy details...

Details from the other side...

The Wheaton I’ve named after my Mum. No. her name is not Wheaton, but she will see the connection.

It’s a large bag with a really practical volume. The adjustable strap allows it to be worn over the body or over the shoulder.

Inside, the lining is a black white and silver ‘Spirograph’ inspired fabric that gives me a giggle every time I see it.

Did anyone else have a spirograph?

Lining...you can just see the geometric print beneath the tie shaped zippered pocket.

Inside is a small zip pocket for keys and phones and a large open pocket, big enough to hold a magazine, diary or book.

Finally it has a recessed zipper. Hidden but keeping all your things safe from falling out!

Recessed zipper. Snuggly hidden from view from the outside.

I am really happy with this one… although it’s probably far to say ,that every time I create a new shape/style, it’s my favourite for a time. Fickle! I know.

There’s more of these coming… stay tuned.

8 Responses to “A new bag style…. oooo I think it is my favourite so far!”

  1. Love it.
    And the spirograph print too!
    Fabulous. Really love the black and white – very you!

  2. allysonadeney said

    Thanks Cathy.
    This one is for someone else, but I have a purple and black version of it. I will show you that soon.

  3. Laura said

    Love the colors Ally. I had another 3 comments in the city today about mine. You are becoming quite popular…YEAH I have the internet up again I can see your latest work!

    • allysonadeney said

      Hurray for internet connection! …. and how cute were those year 1 kids last night! Say happy birthday to Rob from us.

  4. Eileen said

    It’s beautiful! You know, I feel the same way about your bags, The last one always seems even better than the ones before 😉

  5. […] wrote last Monday about the style being my favourite so far, and so far it hasn’t […]

  6. […] I mentioned back here, I named this style of bag after my Mum. So, I thought it was probably a good thing for her to own […]

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