Free shopping….. exchange for change.

August 3, 2010

...inside exchange for change.

It’s a great swapping (what you do when you exchange for change) trip when you come home with:

1 hat

6 shoes (2 pairs new with tags)

5 belts (to use for bags)

1 scarf/snood

1 purse

5 handbags (I will use the metallic bits from most of these)

1 hoodie

1 tie (very pink and will appear in a bag soon. Good spotting Lee)

…and the only thing I spent money on was a coffee …. except Emily bought me that, so I didn’t spend a sent! Thanks Em!

Next time it will be a harrysdesk excursion!

...some of the birthday group with their swaps...


3 Responses to “Free shopping….. exchange for change.”

  1. Mel said

    Sounds great, I wish I could find something similar here! Maybe I should organise something similar…?

  2. allysonadeney said

    It was great Mel!
    I have been to a smaller one organised as a school fundraiser which worked on the same principal of you can take as many as you bring. They raised money by charging to get in. It would be a great way to get a feeling for the organising side of it.
    I came away thinking I could organise a book one or a craft supplies one. We will see.

  3. Stephanie said

    Apparently we had a birthday party that day..lmao… so I wasn’t able to go!! Looks great and I love that you scored so well!!

    xo Steph

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