Very Vintage…..

July 31, 2010

A bag full of history!

Just recently my friend Caroline arrived with a bag full of her Dad’s old ties. They had appeared at her house while she was on holidays, with the words… “For Ally”

It was a time line of 40 years of tie fashion in a bag!

So fun to go through and imagine the outfits that had accompanied these ‘artworks’ around his neck.

Included was a floral yellow tie that her Mum had made for her Dad when they were going out!

There were crocheted ties, wool tartan ties, cotton lace embroidered ties, very wide ties and very thin ties.

From this very personal collection Caroline had selected a group of co-ordinating ties, that she then wanted made into a bag for her husband to give her for her birthday.

I really enjoyed knowing the origin of the ties I was working with… I often imagine where they have been… but this time I knew. Making them into something was a nice way not to part with history quite yet!

Happy Birthday Caroline! I hope you enjoy the bag with history.

History bag front... complete with removable rosette.

All the usable labels were used to make the rosette. I love the '100% polyester' label. This used to be a positive selling point!

The sliding shoulder pad.

The lining... I'm really happy with how this turned out. It's a reclaimed cream embroidered table cloth I had in my stash. It adds a softness to the bag that is very Caroline.

The back....


9 Responses to “Very Vintage…..”

  1. Loooove it. And so special to have a story. Happy birthday Caroline! And wonderful work, Ally! xc.

  2. Eileen said

    This is gorgeous! Your bags are so unique and beautiful and practical.

    I love the part about “for her husband to give her for her birthday”. I wonder if I could special order presents like that. Hmmm …

  3. Deanna said

    We are amazed at the incredible bag you have made out of all the old ties that have hung in our wardrobe for ages! Caroline’a Dad is a hoarder so who knows what else is lurking in the cupboards just waiting to be revitalised!

  4. allysonadeney said

    … I will eagerly await the next bag of goodies ‘For Ally’! …
    And thanks for sharing your treasures with me.

  5. Caroline E said

    I just loooove my bag! Thank you Ally! It was made in a super quick time frame (8 days from tie drop off to husband pickup), and I’ve shown all my friends already. Ally, I love the inside tablecloth you choose – just right for me, and makes it easy to see what’s inside the depths of my bag. Dad says its now a family heirloom, and so I shall have to look after it.

  6. Ali said

    Oh, I do love this. I am quite partial to the satchel look!

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