The Great Knit-In (Part 2 and Part 3)

July 30, 2010

Ties knitted together... I'll try anything.

Last week knitting went well.

I met my first cyber friend…Hi Susan!

One of my friends worked out that she knew another of my friends via ballet. I don’t do ballet (neither do the girls). Ooohhh connections!

There weren’t any children this time, so it was very quiet and most of the supper went uneaten.

It was so quiet, it felt almost Jane Austin-ish.

This week was different again!

A mixture of children and adults, lots of noise and joking.

Two newbies were shown how to knit!

We worked out that :

  1. beanies with flaps look really really funny worn backwards!! Even if the model is a Kate Blanchet look alike.
  2. you can knit a cardigan on circular needles and not have to sew it up at the end! I’m going to try one of these!

My little one got out of bed about 6 times!

I almost wore the floorboards out walking back and forward to the kitchen for things….

Projects are starting to be finished, but I forgot to take photos both nights.

Next week I hope to show you lots of finished product.

5 Responses to “The Great Knit-In (Part 2 and Part 3)”

  1. Sarah Kelly said

    Ties knitted together! I love it.
    Hope to see you soon. Love Sarah

  2. iconnico said

    I love the look of the ties. Beautifully Blue.

  3. Deanna said

    When you knit a jumper/sweater on a circular needle you don’t even have to do any purl….it’s all knit! No sewing up and no purl!

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