Five things I have no patience for today…. a list.

July 29, 2010

This photo has nothing to do with patience ..... just testing your patience!

  1. Disobedience. (enough said)
  2. This rain. (I know, I know we need it, rains good and useful and there are farmers who’s livelihoods depend on it and yeah yeah I get all that, I really do!,  BUT , but it seriously messes with the washing systems in our house.)
  3. People who want to discuss things at inconvenient times when a simple yes/no answer would suffice. (Please feel free to leave comments about all the times I have done this to you! I am sure there are many…. I am a chatter… Make me stop!
  4. Telemarketing calls between 6-8, in the evenings, any time of the day or night!! Our last name starts with A …. do they go through the list from the beginning? I am going to change my last name to Zoolander (I probably should see the movie first to make sure this is a good idea.)
  5. My present patience levels. Please pray for me I could do with the help.

Please pray for my impatience!


2 Responses to “Five things I have no patience for today…. a list.”

  1. Sounds like you need an answering machine to screen those telemarketing calls 😛

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