Wooo Hooot…. my first owl tutorial feedback.

July 26, 2010

Mel's first owl.... love those lashes.

Mel's 8 year old's first effort. Love the beak.

Mel recently emailed me having tried the owl tutorial.

She gave me some really useful feedback. Here is what she said…..

Now that the kids have broken up for the summer holiday I’ve had a chance to work through your tutorial with my daughter (the 8-year-old) 🙂 Please find attached photos of the owls she and I made! I hope it goes without saying that mine is the pink one and hers the blue and gold….

The tutorial was very clear and easy to follow, and the diagrams helpful. Beth needed a bit of help – she insisted on doing as much as possible herself, but I helped with knotting threads and so on, and with keeping the right bits showing at the front and none of the wrong bits! She wouldn’t have managed it on her own I don’t think, but with my help she thoroughly enjoyed making her owl and wanted to make another one straight away…. While I didn’t agree to that, we’ll definitely make more over the summer (I thought we might stitch one straight onto a t-shirt for her, and maybe embroider a tree branch for it to sit on, but maybe I’m getting carried away?!

A couple of very minor spelling and grammar points, I hope you don’t mind? In steps 1 and 2 there should be an apostrophe in owl’s body and owl’s head; and ‘broach’ is more commonly spelt ‘brooch’ when it refers to the item of jewellery (though having said that, perhaps it varies in different countries). I hope you don’t mind me saying!

Overall, great tutorial, and I found the ideas of how to decorate the owl in step 8 particularly useful.

I hope this feedback is helpful and would be more than happy to answer any specific questions about how I found it 🙂 Thanks again for letting me test it for you!xx

Thanks so much Mel! I really appreciate all the feedback, even the grammar! NOT a strength, so I am really glad when it is someone else’s (or is it elses???)

I am looking forward to more feedback! I will share it as I get it.


3 Responses to “Wooo Hooot…. my first owl tutorial feedback.”

  1. Mel said

    How exciting to see something I made on your blog!! We so enjoyed testing this tutorial for you 🙂

    (I’ll be posting these pics and a link to you next week xx)

  2. Mel said

    From the 8-year-old daughter:

    I’m so glad to see one of my craft thingy-majigs on someone elses blog that isn’t the Mummy’s! I enjoyed making it and we’ve still got more ties… how do you reckon a Wallace and Gromit tie owl would look?!?!

    • allysonadeney said

      Thanks for trying out my tutorial. I think the wallace and gromit could look excellent…. Make it and make sure you send me a photo.

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