Things actually done in holidays.

July 22, 2010

* Movies out Toy story 3

* Mum saw Eclipse with some other mum’s (yes very funny!)

*Movies In Karate Kid 1,2,3 (the old ones), Alvin and the chipmunks the squeakquel, Below Zero and Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief

*Favourite shop trip with a budget. Game and Morning Glory.

*Climbed  a tree or two.

At the Powerhouse Museum with 4 year old.

*Attempted a group artwork (More on this later)

*Played some computer games. Road construction , Super collapse Puzzle (on and

*Visit the grandparents at the beach.




*Knit for hours

10 year old knitting..... not her favourite thing in the world ....she decided.

*Draw for hours.

*Played board games. Monopoly Deal, Chess, SlamwichQuoridor, JengaSleeping QueensTaboo and Phase 10

*Did a drama workshop

*Play dress-ups.

The K-2 workshop production.... at the end of drama workshop Magical Mysteries.

*Read to each other.

*PJ morning, and day for some.

*Read alone.

*Wrote a story beginning.

*Wrote a song.

*Wrote a play.

*Went to parks with bikes, bubbles, scooter, picnic, coffee, books and friends.

Our fantastic $5 Aldi bubble kit, shared with visiting country friends. Great idea Laura.

*Hung out with cousins.


*Fruit picked …. in our back yard.

*Talked together about plans and important things.

*Cooked all day.

*Laugh together.

*Constructed with lego.

*Played Duplo.

*Slept over with close friends at their place.

*Had close friends sleep over at our place.

*Throw some things away.

*Paint , draw and collage like the masters.  Picasso and Kandinsky (see our Picasso efforts)

*Help with some jobs and decide on the coming terms jobs.

*Invite friends for dinner.

*Make cards on the sewing machine. (efforts here)

*11 year old taught me to Manga. A new skill

*Oldest 2 girls learnt to pretend sword fight. A new skill.

It's all show! No child was hurt in the making of this photo.

*A few surprises…

These were all things on the original possibilities list…. we also…….

* Went for a swim.

*Played basketball

* Went to a couple of birthday parties.

*Joshua tree get togethers

*Started work on a promotional bag (more about this soon)

*Played pretend sword fighting.

*Saw some guys in the park doing parkour. Not seen it before? Check this out.

Look closely for the mid air man!

*Caught a jelly fish with a plastic cup on a stick from Sydney Harbour.

*Fished other things from the harbour like this for hours.

*Lunch in Pirrama Park with basketball friends.


*Coffee at the Sydney Dance Cafe on Pier 4 in the city.

*Started some other commissions for harrysdesk

*Tidied Up

*Rode bikes and scooters in the park again and again. (Lots of stacks some days)

* Played with barbies, ponies, doll house, tea parties and pretend food.

*Found out my brother-in-law has a published book.

*Enjoyed ‘Flight of the Conchords’ with Tim.

*Spent the evening finding film clips on youtube on the lap top smuggled up in bed. Really enjoyed ‘Coldplay’s’ efforts.

*Funeral for Tim

*Went to friends for dinner

*Cooked for others

*Friends for morning tea and a play

*Look after friends kids

* Encouraged in life by conversations.

*Encouraged in business in conversations.(Learn to sew kits for little people)

*Watched and listened to Cats.

*Drama performance… a proper one, not just a lounge room job.

*Learnt A LOT about Greek mythology!

*Great Knit -In with kids

*Great Knit-In without kids.

*Moved some furniture around.

*Big clean-up day.

*Road trip to the central coast.

*Made cards by myself.

*Went to the Powerhouse Museum.

*Met a new friend at The Rocks. Visited The Puppet Shop

The hidden puppet maker shop. Thanks Kieran!

*Volunteered for a busker Bike Boy at Circular Quay.

*Traded in some DS games.

*Bumped into old friends in shopping centre.

*Visited Op-shop ….more than once.

*Got school things ready on Monday night… early night!

I found it helpful each day to write down what we had done.

Often we get to the end of a school holiday and have the feeling that we haven’t done anything much.

This especially happens if we stay home.

I might try and make it a regular habit , as it helps with my thankfulness levels, and helps me not take God’s great gifts to us for granted.

How were your holidays? (if you had some.)


7 Responses to “Things actually done in holidays.”

  1. Fabulous list. Felt like we were there as I read it! xc

  2. Eileen said

    Phew,I’m exhausted just reading this! Love the photos of the K-2 drama workshop.

    • allysonadeney said

      Eileen, It’s worth remembering that there are 6 of us and not everyone did everything! THAT would be exhausting…. but it was lovely! Yes the K-2 kids from the workshop were very very cute, and the knowledge and swords-personship (a new made up word) was very impressive in the older group.

  3. Liz Mc said

    Spectacular! What a fun, energetic, wonderful and memorable holiday!
    We still haven’t taken Charlie to see Toy Story 3 yet! shocking! must do soon!

    • allysonadeney said

      Yes we had a load of fun! Oh and Toy Story was Very SCARY! 4 year old had to keep looking away. If you need to see it I would wait for the small scene version, if I could do it again.

  4. So that’s what you call a holiday, hein?

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