May contain trace of nuts…..

July 4, 2010

Photo by 4 year old. I love it. Accidently brilliant.....or a hidden talent?

Over the next two weeks I will post mostly holiday fun.

I will keep you up to date with how the Knit -In goes….. only a couple of places on each night left … so not too late to put your name down. Emails of details coming soon.

I will post out the owl instructions to my 5 testers.

Apart from that, harrysdesk may contain traces of holiday nuts.

I hope so anyway.


2 Responses to “May contain trace of nuts…..”

  1. Sarah Kelly said

    Hi Ally, I just saw this site and thought you may enjoy some of the designs. You’ve prob been there before…

    Hope you are enjoying the holidays!

    I loved the list of things to do!

    Love Sarah

  2. allysonadeney said

    Thanks sarah,
    I do go to design sponge a bit, but haven’t in a while.
    I love this collection of studies because they are mostly from real houses…. not studio set up shots.
    Great inspiration for the work areas!
    Yes our holidays are going so well….. I haven’t posted anything. I will soon. 7 year old and I had a ‘making session this afternoon. Really fun! It was one of the things from the giant list. And the big 2 are at the grandparents…. about to go and collect them.
    Talk soon.

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