The giant list of possible winter holiday activities! (For 4-11 year olds)

July 3, 2010

The fairy garden, via Apartment Therapy

*Build a vertical garden.

*Make a fairy garden.

*Make a nature bracelet.

*Build a bird feeder.

*Movies out.

*Movies in. List of Age appropriate movies. Preschool + 5-12 years, For an alternative list of the 100 best kids films. (I don’t personally endorse all 100)

*Make a movie.

*Do some jewellery making. Here from buttons.

*Favourite shop trip with a budget.

*Photograph your suburb or yard.

*Craft with junk. Socks and milk cartons and boxes.

*Bring some  snow inside.

Climb a tree and relax.

*Play photo find. Make a list (Something red, something alive) and send them off with a camera.

*Make a fort/cubby inside using lots of pillows and blankets.

*Have a bath and play, play, play.

*Climb a tree.

*Go to the library.

*See what special activities the council has organised in your area.

*Churches often have holiday clubs. Check out your local church or better still ask church people do they know of any they would recommend.

*Do some group artworks.

*Play computer games. We like PBS kids PBS kids GO (for older kids) , agame (selected games), national geographic kids,  ABC kids playground (younger end)

*Write a letter to a friend.

Skeleton pasta art. Image Martha Stewart.

*Craft with eating things. Here and here and here

*Cook crafting things. Playdough and Peanut Butter Playdough and Clay and Silly putty

*Visit grandma and grandpa.

*Call interstate friends.




*Knit for hours.

*Draw for hours

*Play board games. We like Sleeping Queens, Rat-a-tat-cat, Juniour Scrabble, Monopoly Deal, Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride.

*Go to a sports camp

*Go to a drama workshop.

Ride your bike!

*Do a big puzzle that takes days.

*Play dress ups.

*Blog, or set up blogs.

*Read  to each other

*Rest…. lots of resting in bed with a warm doona and flannelette pjama’s.

*PJ day!

*Go to the local art gallery.

*Go to local museum.

*Read by yourself. Lists for all ages here and here and broken down into topics here.

*Write a play.

*Write a story.

*Write a poem.

*Go to the park with a ball, frisbee, chalk, remote control car, scooter, bike, skateboard, picnic, pack of cards, ribbon stick, book.

Cousin love

*Hang out with cousins.

*Try and learn a memory verse together.

*Have a theme song for your holiday and listen to it everyday… lots of times.

*Make a crazy lunch.

*All read the same chapter of the bible together, so you talk about it during the day.


*Go fruit picking… maybe in your own backyard.

*Laugh together.

*Talk about plans and important things.

*Cook all day!

*Craft all day!

*Make bubble wands.

Lego sculptures

*Construct with lego.

*Play with Duplo.

*Make rock animals. Here and here

*Sleep overs with close friends at our place.

*Sleep overs with close friends at their place.

*Go rock climbing.

*Busk at the local shops.

Pipe cleaner iguana by Martha Stewart

*Create with pipe cleaners.

*Have a garage sale.

*Rearrange the bedroom.

*Throw some things away.

*Paint and draw like the masters. Miro or Picasso or Kandinsky or Klee

*Help with some jobs. Age appropriate lists here.

*Invite friends for dinner.

*Have Christmas in July.

*Make a holiday ‘advent ‘ calender.

*Go for a long walk.

Paper cranes. Photo from Apartment therapy.

*Experiment with paper folding flowers and origami

*Catch as many forms of public transport as you can in one day.

*Make a wind sock/kite.

*Make cards on the sewing machine.

*Do a job for a neighbour.

*Make a dragon together.

*Learn a new skill.

*Compose a piece using garage band.

*Try and surprise everyone in your family at least once during the break.

*Get your children to teach you something they know about but you don’t.

*Make an I’m bored jar, and use it!

The Mum I'm bored Jar. Photo by Skip to my Lou


11 Responses to “The giant list of possible winter holiday activities! (For 4-11 year olds)”

  1. Ben said

    Holy. Cow.

    That is encyclopaedic.

    • allysonadeney said

      It’s a possibilities list.
      A white boarding of ideas.
      We might do 3 of them.
      I wanted to get the creative juices flowing.
      Can you suggest any others?

  2. Steph said

    That’s it!, I am making a bored jar… First day of hols and she is already board… Thanks for Ll the super ideas. You are a little bit awesome lady!!

    Xo Steph

    • allysonadeney said

      Cool Steph.
      Let me know what other ones you use!

      • Steph said

        I recommend a rainbow cake… Friend came and made it with my three and it took most of the day and managed to keep their attention and they even got to eat it!!! Add that to the list lol

      • allysonadeney said

        Great tip. I’ll try and remember to add it to my next list.

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  6. […] We used the sewn heart card project I mentioned and linked to in the giant list of things to do. […]

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