Three bags in three days: BAG 2 – ‘yet to be named’

June 22, 2010

A new bag with owl detail. What will I be known as.......?

The bottom......

Very similar to the Mackay, but with an owl instead of a rosette, the unnamed bag could be used by both males and females.

The owl is removable, and/or inter-changable. There are three to choose from (only one comes with the bag).

Met 'Peggy' Owl

... and this is 'Saki'

'Barnett' the owl

Fleur de lis, wide stripes, spots and thin stripes.

Inside, keeping with the unisex idea, I have used a Japanese art inspired ‘Volcom’ T-shirt for the lining, together with white cotton ticking.

The inner pocket is the T-shirt sleeve! 4 small pockets to hold your keys and phone and wallet and anything……

oooohhh so many pockets.

shaped pockets especially for precious things.

The ‘Yet to be named ‘bag has an adjustable strap made from two ties. So the strap can go from  70cm to 150cm long. This means it can either be worn over the holder as a hand bag or over the body as more of a satchel style.

Measuring approx 30cm x 35cm it can accommodate a magazine or A4 notebook flat with room to spare for all those other essentials.

Both the front and the back are equally as interesting, so you choose which one is the facing side and place your owl….and any other interesting badges you may own, and wear it boldly.

the flip side of "Yet to be named"


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