Fun at the fair…

June 17, 2010

4 year old and I headed off to the Craft and Quilting Show in Sydney today, and had a lovely time.

It is a very different trip when you have a little person in tow, so although we didn’t see all the things I would have liked, I think we saw all the sparkly stores and every stall with buttons.

We also spent a good percentage of our time sitting, eating snacks from the bag and chatting.

All in all she did a great job at being ‘gentle’, keeping her hands behind her back when requested and politely excusing herself when she wanted to be closer to the action. On the whole stall holders were happy to be chatted to and asked questions by her.

I even managed a few purchases….

"Stork scissors" one for me, and some gifts for the present box.

Much imagined but never before seen (by me) colourful crochet cottons, for handstitching harrsydesk bags. YES! It was hard to stop at 5 colours.

Loooovely wool shanks and big big needles. As you can see I couldn't wait to get started..... during one of our many 'chats'.

A very carefully chosen red plastic butterfly bead 4 year old is hoping 11 year old can make into a necklace for her. It's called Lucy Butterfly Fairy.


3 Responses to “Fun at the fair…”

  1. Sarah Kelly said

    I am so glad you got there and had time to enjoy it! Love Sarah

    • allysonadeney said

      Thanks Sarah,
      Next time I will try and give a bit more than 8 hours notice, so you might join me!

  2. Laura said

    Oh the envy I have ally. Glad you had a great time. I love the scissors.

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