Upcycled Anything Interesting: Sporting equipment

June 3, 2010

Given that lots of sporting things are happening in the world at the moment and there are world cups and Commonwealth Games on our sporting horizon, I thought I would look at what might happen to the equipment once the athletes were finished with them.

Many of you will have upcycled a tennis ball for one of these!

Image from Superuse.org

But fewer of you will have upcycled sporting equipment like these……

Snow ski chair by great for sitting. Image from etsy

Gymnastics equipment as a bar! Image from trendhunter.com

Upcycled soccer ball handbag. Image via Haute Nature

Image from Superuse.org. Shuttlecock lampshade made as a part the deptford design challenge

Tennis ball chair! Image from Etsy by great for sitting.

Other sporty upcycles can be seen here and here


One Response to “Upcycled Anything Interesting: Sporting equipment”

  1. Stephanie said

    I love the tennis ball seat lol… I am having some blog friends over for a coffee… would love you to come past too.

    xo Steph

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