Inspire Me: Yael Falk (designing under the Yoola label)

May 30, 2010

Image from etsy. Tutorials available for sale.

Image from etsy. Yoola

Crochet wire and onyx earrings. Image by Yoola

Long red necklace Photo by Yoola

Tiny beads.... Beautiful Image from etsy Tutorial available

...adn it you don't want to wear them.... a lampshade. Etsy image

It’s hard to believe these pieces are crocheted.

One of the things I find most inspiring is the way she has used a technique that was familiar to her in an unexpected way. I guess this is sort of what I do with my bags. although it hadn’t occurred to me until I started writing this post. To make my bags and Journals I use very tradition patchwork techniques. Sometimes you just do something without asking too many questions.

Yael write an interesting post on the etsy blog here, explaining how she went from a talked about, popular but unsuccessful sales-wise artist, to a popular successful selling artist. I found it very though provoking. Let me know what you think. you can find the article here.

Yes crocheted! Etsy image.


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