Give Away: This is it!

May 30, 2010

You have only hours to make an entry in the blogoversary bag give away. Don’t miss out!

I have compiled a list of entries because I wanted to be sure everyone was entered the correct number of times! If I haven’t got you listed and you think you should be, let me know. If you are not listed and you want to be, there is still time!

But only until Midnight tonight!

  1. Stepanie
  2. Stephanie: Facebook
  3. Stephanie : blogged at Moobear
  4. Stephanie: tweet
  5. Ali:
  6. Ali: Facebook
  7. Ali: blogged at Something this foggy day
  8. Liz Cameron
  9. Liz Cameron (fb)
  10. Michelle
  11. Michelle (fb)
  12. Su
  13. Sophie
  14. Sophie: blogged at storms dressed as stars
  15. Thora
  16. Thora: Facebook
  17. Laura
  18. Laura: Facebook
  19. Laura: blogged at Lily & Me
  20. Nicole
  21. Nicole: Facebook
  22. Nicole: blogged at 168hours
  23. Christine
  24. Simone R
  25. Simone.R: blogged at another something
  26. Jo C
  27. Jenny K
  28. Jenny K: Facebook
  29. Cathy McKay
  30. Cathy McKay: Facebook
  31. Cathy McKay: blogged at the Best Book co-op
  32. Caroline E
  33. Caroline E: Facebook
  34. Caroline E: an extra because she wrote her comment as a poem. That certainly took some thought.
  35. Rebecca
  36. Lou Blencowe
  37. Lou Blencowe: Facebook
  38. charissa forrest
  39. Heather
  40. Heather: Facebook
  41. Heather: blogged at epiphany
  42. Kath
  43. Kath: Facebook
  44. Kath: blogged at listening space
  45. Therese
  46. Theresa: Facebook
  47. Theresa: blogged at all my days all my hours
  48. Mel
  49. Susan Ravenhall
  50. Susan Ravenhall: Facebook
  51. Leah Egiziano
  52. Meredith
  53. Elizabeth
  54. bec c

3 Responses to “Give Away: This is it!”

  1. Ali said

    Oh, Oh, Oh. I facebooked you too! Can I have one more? I think my facebook can take credit for Liz Cameron being in the loop at least.

  2. […] number is in reference to the previous post, not the comments, as a number of entries were often added in one […]

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