Why I try not to think too much when I sew.

May 27, 2010

While trying to make the white version of this shirt I talked about yesterday…. I started thinking. Not about what I was doing, but something totally unrelated and long forgotten.

This happened…..Yes! That is the back of the shirt convincing sewn down where it should not be!

Oh well, you say…… just unpick it.

So I did……

Mmmmmmm.... damage done!

This is why 4 year old has a new (but pre-damaged) shirt.

What did I learn from this…..??

Don’t think and sew, and….. I can’t multi-task. (But I already knew that!)


2 Responses to “Why I try not to think too much when I sew.”

  1. Now, what on earth was she thinking about??? Glad I’m not the only distracted one!! And great to see that even a creative genius makes mistakes! xxc.

  2. Stephanie said

    That is crazy!! I usually just snag a folded piece and that’s when I am trying really hard not too… LOL

    xo Steph

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