The Alice in Wonderland birthday party: A word from the sponsors.

May 17, 2010

Back in October I was fortune enough to win an invitation design by the lovely Beth at Little Birdie Studio. She was so sweet about  letting me redeem it months later for these beautiful birthday invitations. If you ever need invitations that are beautiful and timeless, Beth is your girl. All the organisation between Boston and Sydney happened via email and she was a delight to deal with. Little birdie studios also design blog headers. Thanks Beth, she loved them and we had lots of lovely comments about how sweet they were.

The next beautiful lady I want to thank for her tireless efforts is Leila! You are the best and everyone should get you to cater every event they have in the future. I hope I will have opportunity to partake of your talents again. Leila, bless her, willingly undertook the ‘ Alice in Wonderland’ afternoon tea brief as practise! Here are just a few pictures of her brilliance. I was fairly distracted (as you can imagine) and failed to photograph everything in all it’s glory, but you will get the idea.

'Alice' ready to EAT ME. Best cake ever. A red Velvet layer cake with the creamiest icing!

The cake!...and especially requested (by birthday girl) dipped strawberries.

Red fruit and marshmallow sticks. A HIT

Red fruit and marshmallow sticks. A HIT

What's a party without cupcakes?

Toffee apples. A lot of the kids had never had these before.

Mini cupcakes on pretty plate stands.

Please check out Leila’s blog tablenosh and maybe I will see you at one of her underground restaurant events sometime.

A big thank you to Beth (different one) for lending us tables,  to my 11 year old who helped with lots of little things and made the very cute red teacups and saucers you can see in the pictures above, and to Suzanne for taking lots of photos.

Lastly, and I am really miffed not to have an image of these to show you, my new friend Helena, from ‘the joshua tree’, made all the party favours. Jam jars of ‘wonderland dirt’ that magically turns into patty cakes when milk butter and eggs are added and cooked. We then came home to dinner in our oven! We have some pretty amazing friends.

Thanks everyone who made a big effort with costumes, we had some fairly imaginative characters. More pictures to come!

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