6 year old becomes 7 year old

May 14, 2010

Things I love about you so far!

You don’t like collars.

You notice what people are wearing but cannot remember their names.

You get an idea in your head, and you quietly work towards it.

You remember what you need to take to school each day, even your bible for scripture.

You get a chance to talk, and you forget what you are going to say.

You have a beautiful girlie laugh.

You can burp the alphabet.

You like maths.

You love to cook with me.

You love dressing up games on the computer.

You have a number of ‘playlists’

You are the best sleeper.

You always get drinks for everyone.

You prefer water to milk with your dinner.

You cry in movies when people leave.

You are responsible and polite.

You ask often if I can bring your scooter to school to ride home, and I only sometimes remember.

You are always thankful for family time in your prayers.

You love sparkly pens, and activity books.

You snore quietly when you sleep…. always have.

You are quiet, but not shy.

You love your desk, and you keep it very tidy.

You say sorry quickly, and forgive quickly and fully.

You are patient, very patient.

You make the recorder sound good.

You will always choose a dress if given a choice.

You need help with your socks.

You are so precious to us.


4 Responses to “6 year old becomes 7 year old”

  1. Liz Mc said

    Happy Birthday 7 year old! xx

  2. Lily & Me said

    Makes me tearyyy Ally. Such beautiful things and true things to say.Thanks for sharing her growing up.

  3. Sarah Kelly said

    I love that you have written all those things down – what a great idea and birthday tradition. Lovely. Lots of love to all. Sarah

  4. Ali said

    Happy belated Birthday to 7-year-old. She is a sweetie!

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