Inspire Me : Gina Haywood.

May 5, 2010

Disperse II by Gina Haywood. Image from the 'frozen light' exhibition, held November 2008

A couple of years ago now I attended some art classes run by Art on King.

I attended a number of classes including oils, acrylics and drawing. I think one of my favourites though was a class taught by Gina Haywood.

I found her a delightful person and an inspiring teacher. She is also an amazingly talented artist in her own right.

Tonight (and until the 15th of May) her latest offerings are being shown at the Iain Dawson Gallery in Paddington.

The show is called By any other name/ New drawings.

Yes, these are drawings made with charcoal and chalk on paper. Big drawings.

Well done Gina, you inspire me!

'Take Time' by Gina Haywood. 76cm x 57cm.

'Second Hand' by Gina Haywood. 91cm x 66cm

'Memory Wakes' by Gina Haywood. 152cm x 113cm.


One Response to “Inspire Me : Gina Haywood.”

  1. Alice said

    They are amazing…to my very untrained eye, I definately thought they were photos. Beautiful!

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