“Oh Allyson…..”

May 3, 2010

The ones on the left have their detailing on the back, and the ones on the right have their design on the front.

Growing up I had lots of crazy ideas… not much has changed really.

Often I would be working on one of these ideas and my mum, who is a very skilled craftsperson herself, and taught me a great deal of what I know in this area, would let out the sigh “Oh Allyson….”

Recently I made these little undies for my God daughter, and the whole time I was making them, I could hear my Mum saying “Oh, Allyson….”

But the result is sooo cute. I will make these again.

…. and sorry Mum, I think I understand better now your exasperation with my crazy ideas, having a few creative little people of my own now.


6 Responses to ““Oh Allyson…..””

  1. Stephanie said

    Very sweet indeed!!

    xo Steph

  2. My little girl asks, “Are those undies mine mum?”
    And now the big boy and the little girl are fighting about whether they really are her undies or not.
    Very, very, cute Ally!

    • Ally Adeney said

      No, but they could be…. or some very similar. Sorry to be the cause of family arguments. Ally

  3. Laura said

    She loves them Ally, good thing you made five because she won’t wear any others now! I want some for myself!

    • Ally Adeney said

      You supply the undies and your on! Ally P.S It will be a little weird knowing what sort of undies you are wearing though?!

  4. Laura said

    I am taking some pics of the dress and top today…Would you like to post them or should I?

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