Monthly design challenge….. via Finki

April 30, 2010

Jay over at Finki started the year challenging designers and artists, who blog, to a monthly project around a theme.

I have only recently found out about it, so yes, it’s April (end of) and I am submitting my first one.

Unfortunately I missed…

January-‘Turning Japanese’ (although I would have had to come up with something… maybe I will later, just for fun)

February – “Seeing circles” I could have submitted this

Lots of circle detail on this bag....

March- “European Travels”  I was thinking of a mini journal made with Italian ties and  reclaimed atlas pages inside. But I didn’t get to it.

April- “Music and Dance” I might just scrape in in time.

Remember this one I made a while back for Charlie? It fits the theme.

Or maybe the first attempt at the “Strings” shirt

I don’t have long to wait for next months challenge. I will keep you posted.


One Response to “Monthly design challenge….. via Finki”

  1. Laura said

    Hi Ally, I am very….. excited about this. Thanks for showing it. I have just emailed an entry of my dancing fairy skirts..I’m not sure if it fits completely but Lily is convinced of the need to dance when she puts hers on and play loud music too.
    Thanks again for sharing.

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