It’s my Blogoversary!

April 30, 2010

Wow, one year has passed and you are still here?

Thank you!

I have loved having a blog and a little label way more than I thought I would.

One of the things I like most about the combination of blog and label is I get to give things away.

To celebrate being here (in the blogospher ) I am giving something away.

Surprise, surprise.

….and this is the best one yet!

A Bag.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To be in for a chance to win the bag of your choice from the ones in the above slideshow you need to do one or more of these things.

1.  Add a comment below for a chance to win harrysdesk bag. Tell me which one you like the best and why.

2.  For a second entry, add a link on your facebook page and tell us about it in the comments box below.

3. Blog about us with a link back here (mention it in the comments box below)

4.  Remember if you are not a blogger, you can still comment, but make sure you leave a contact email address!

So go for it.

I will randomly draw the winner on the 30th of May 2010 so leave your comments by then.

A new bag could be yours.

Thanks again for reading along on harrysdesk.


37 Responses to “It’s my Blogoversary!”

  1. Stephanie said

    WOW… happy one year Blogiversary That’s super awesome. I remember telling you to hurry up and start one LOL… I love your bags and still haven’t finished my own tie back I started when pregnant with Bear… maybe I will finish it now??!! You know I love all your bags but I LURVE broadbent!!!

    I shall go shout it out on facebook then blog it for you too darling… I’ll be back!!

    xo Steph

  2. Stephanie said

    Facebooked… I can’t link my page as it’s private… but I did it trust me lol…

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  4. Ali said

    Happy Anniversary! Goodness how time flies. I love them all too, but I do like that red and burgundy Bronte – just because it’s groovy. And I know I have my own already so I might even re-gift it, if I could bear to part with it. I shall facebook it and stick it on the blog tomorrow (because I have already gone blog crazy today!).

  5. Liz Cameron said

    Hi Ally, long time no see!! Couldn’t resist entering this one – have to say the burgundy red and black ‘Bronte’ (nice name!) because it looks like it would go with everything and has a touch of snazzy with the striped handle. Will put a link on FB!

  6. Michelle said

    Oh I love the burnt ochre, chocolate and cream! So me! As a mum of 9 I can never have too many bgas as you can well imagine. I am linking this on Facebook!

  7. Su said

    I got sent over by Steph at MooBear. I really like them all, but I love, love, love the Bronte.

  8. Sophie said

    Hi Ally, congrats on one year!

    So up for winning a bag…. I particularly like the blue, black and green Cairney 🙂

    I’ll blog about this for sure!


  9. Thora said

    1 year on…yay! loving your designs ally…kinda want to vote for one of those green ones with the hot model 🙂 but in the end I have to go with the nameless burnt ochre chocolate and cream because the colours are totally me! I chose that over the other orange choice because the embellishment is less lacy…

    ps thanks for the powerhouse trip, it was lovely.

  10. Thora said

    and i put it up on fb but not sure how to show you…technologically incompetent!

  11. Laura said

    Oh I can’t help but dream of owning another Ally. I use my bag everyday and love it for its color and shape..oh and everyone I meet notices it too. Congrats on getting to 1 yr. Can’t wait till you get to 2 and beyond. I will put it on my facebook (private though) and blog too. Keep up the good work!

  12. Nicole said

    Blogged and facebooked. I love the burnt ochre.

    And happy blogoversary. I’ve loved reading and looking and marvelling over the last year.

  13. Christine said

    Happy Blogoversary! Congrats.
    They all look brilliant but to pick one.
    I love the Burnt Ochre, Chocolate and Cream it looks beautiful and sounds delicious – except perhaps for the burnt part!
    great to visit your creative site.

  14. simone r. said

    I love the burnt ochre chocolate and cream like everyone else does. But I also love the sage green and olive green bags. Happy blogoversary. I’ve linked you too.

  15. Jo C said

    Happy One Year Anniversary. I’ve enjoyed keeping up with your doings from over here in Santiago…I love the Burnt Ochre Chocolate and Cream. My reasons: I love the red paisley fabric, I like the details of the buttons and topstitching, it will suit the more flamboyant style I have acquired from living in South America 🙂 I do like the Navy and Black ‘Cairney’ as well, as you can see the tie more clearly.
    If I win, I’ll pick the bag up in July when we come back to Oz….and if I don’t win, I’ll probably pick one up anyway!! Jo

  16. Jenny K said

    Love these bags! Followed the link from Nicole’s blog. I have Facebooked a link to your blog. I have a hard time choosing – I love the green toned Broadbent bag and I also love the blue/black Cairney bag. You do such lovely work!

  17. So generous Ally!
    And your blog makes me smile every time.
    I would love the Bronte, because I already have a Mackay and want to enjoy a different shape (and I think Winton would like to borrow it for his books sometimes!). Or, if I decided to share with Audrey, she would have the sage Cairney.

    blogged and facebooked!/profile.php?id=605775681

  18. Caroline E said

    Oh…. to win! Though chances are slim.
    A harrysdesk bag, far from a rag.
    Stylish and elegant, to fit in an elephant!
    Oh… to win! Please, count me in!

    Facebooked on Richard’s… for an extra chance!

  19. Rebecca said

    May I enter? I have been reading along for a while and so am saying hello for the first time. I really like your burgundy red and black “Bronte” bag. I have recently gone back to Uni and this one looks like it might hold a lecture pad and stuff needed for a lecture! They are all great though! Very creative.
    PS. I am also an overseas resident – hope that is OK! (I do have rellies who could help get a bag to me though ;))

  20. Lou Blencowe said

    I had to enter this comp as I love Nic’s bag you made.
    I would have to go the Navy Cairney since it was named after my family and all!

    Facebooked also:


  21. charissa forrest said

    Hi Ally,

    Congratulations on your blogoversary! All your work is so gorgeous. I have often coveted your stuff. I love all the bags especially the navy and blue cairney and the burgundy red and black bronte. Maybe one day I could justify buying one myself!!

    Love Charissa

  22. Heather said

    I love, love, love the Broadbent because I love anything that’s green and I also love the long strap xx

  23. Heather said


    and Facebooked

    I’m tingling with excitement at the thought of possibly winning one :o)

  24. Kath said

    I’m going to enter as I’ve seen your bags a few times on Nicole’s blog and think they are fantastic. I am keen on the bronze, pistachio and black evening bag, if I get lucky.
    I’ve blogged
    and facebooked.

  25. Therese said

    Ally, as usual, you don’t surprise me with your creativity – it’s one thing I always loved about you when we were at PBC.
    I LOVE the sage green, pink and cream Cairney! And I’ve already worked out what I’ll put in it too 😀 My green Bible, it looks just the right size and shape to take to church.
    I”ll be back to post a link when I’ve blogged about it!!

  26. Therese said

    I realised I didn’t really say why I liked it! I love the colours in it as well as the usable shape and size, as well as the different types of fabrics you’ve used!
    I’ve now facebooked:!/therese.hoogesteger?ref=profile
    and also blogged:

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  28. Mel said

    Happy Blogoversary! Congratulations 🙂 Gosh, how to choose a fave from those gorgeous bags though?! In the end I’d have to go with the olive green, grey and white ‘Broadbent’ because Jim Broadbent is one of my fave actors, and I love the green (I’m increasingly drawn to greens these days!) Thanks so much for the chance to win 🙂

  29. Susan Ravenhall said

    I’m throwing my hat into the ring for burgundy red and black ‘Bronte’.
    This is a bit of fun isn’t it!!
    I’ve linked to Facebook.

  30. Leah Egiziano said

    Well I like all of them (maybe I need a favourite four as well as the birthday girl) but if I must choose then the Bronze, Pistachio and black evening – I love the name, I love that all those colours can be found in the nut, I love twirly things (just look at my engagement ring) and I love evening bags and imagining the places I can take them!!

  31. Meredith said

    Nothing like an eleventh hour entry!! I really love your work and your blog. All beautiful and inspiring. So happy first anniversary to you and thank you for inspiring us to live responsibly and beautifully. To choose my favourite, well that is a hard thing. I had a shortlist but I think at the top is the sage green, pink and cream ‘Cairney’. I like the shape and the colours are perfect. Looking forward to the next year.

  32. Elizabeth said

    I really like the Cairney bag in blue…its really really pretty and easy to dress up or down with

  33. bec c said

    happy anniversary.
    i love the vintage one because of all the pretty details…the flowers and ribbons.x

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