Insert Memory Card.

April 29, 2010

Monday this week was a strange day. Not bad. Just strange.

A lot of things happened on Monday that have never happened to me before.

Why does this happen? Days and weeks and years can go by and strange happenings are absent. But Monday……

First, our family went to a lovely birthday party. ‘Nothing strange about that’ you say…only at this party, not one but two of the fold-up tables collapsed in the space of about 2 minutes. Weird? Yes. I have never witness even one table collapse at a children’s party, let alone two. You will be pleased to know that no little (or big) people were harmed in the making of this strange event.

Then, when we arrived home I picked up a piece of clothing from the coffee table (really not that unusual to have a piece of clothing lying around the house at our place), but as I picked it up a $2 coin fell from the pocket…. rolled about a metre … and ended up here….

"Thank you little Duplo man!" I exclaimed out loud!

Then, the girls and I and a friend, took Tim to the airport.

Although he spent the first 12 years of his life travelling everywhere and anywhere, he hasn’t been anywhere overseas for the last 13 years. Let alone without me! OK so this bit is sad. We miss him!

Then we get in the car… and what do you know Tim still has the car parking ticket! He has gone through to get on the plane, so we pay the ‘lost ticket’ fee (ouch!) and head home. This is a first!

… but wait there’s more!

More you say? …. that’s enough for one day!… but no.

On our way home we spot this…..

Weird!….. but memorable.


2 Responses to “Insert Memory Card.”

  1. Nicole said

    sounds like ‘wacky wednesday'(do you have that book – one of my faves).

  2. allysonadeney said

    No we don’t have the book, but I remember loving the book as a kid.
    Must get a copy.
    Two birthday’s coming should be opportunity enough.

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