The inaugural harrysdesk excursion

April 25, 2010

Special cut and paste activities for the adults

Attention all excitable readers….

This post is to announce the first ever harrysdesk excursion to the Powerhouse Museum.

Be at the Powerhouse Museum Ultimo at 10:30am Thursday 29th of April 2010.

We will meet at the front steps and we will enjoy a number of exhibitions together, share lunch and lots of laughs and ideas.

The exhibitions currently on that particularly interest me (so maybe you too) are:

Portraits of a tea cosy

EcoLogic: creating a sustainable future

Student Fashion 2010

Frock Stars: Inside Australian Fashion Week (semi nude warning on the click through)

‘…never done’: women’s work in the home

The 80’s are back

And I have give-aways, because you all know I love a good give away.

I have 11 adult passes to give away. They will be given on a first one to speak up gets the tickets basis.

Comment below telling me how many tickets you would like and they are yours (up to 11 total).

If you miss out on free ticket, come anyway. Adults $10 Children (4-15) $5 and under 4 free!

Bring the kids along too (if you have any, if not, why not borrow some for the day?)

The powerhouse has lots for them too.

10 Responses to “The inaugural harrysdesk excursion”

  1. Stephanie said

    ME!!?? Hehe our membership ran out last November and Bear has been bugging to go see the big spaceship ever since…It’s such a great place for everyone!! Just a ticket for me and Carlos… Oh I am excited…

    xo Steph

  2. Stephanie said

    Ps … blogging my meme contribution tomorrow… we had chicken soup tonight and I had the camera ready lol…

    xo Steph

  3. Nicole said

    I would love to come! Just one ticket for me please (Elsie will come too, but is still under 4!).

    • allysonadeney said

      Now I am very excited. For a while there I thought it was going to be just 3 year old and me!

  4. Liz Mc said

    Have you any tickets left? Thora and I would love to come along. 🙂 (With Charlie and Jude!)

  5. Stephanie said

    ARH… we can’t come I did both Bear and Bubbles immunisations today and I don’t want to risk the trip with little ones with bad meanie germs running around their systems… And I was so excited for Bear!! Sorry Hun…

    xo Steph

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