Lily & Me hair clip swap.

April 22, 2010

The photos were taken at Decolata.

Decolata is where we go for family breakfasts on the first day of term (and sometimes for birthdays too)

As I mentioned here, my friend Laura is having a hair clip swap and there as still places to spare.

The swappies from harrysdesk will be something like these…. I think.

I made these ones with the swap in mind, but I must have been thinking secretly about school going back, because half of them I made in school colours.

Guess I will have to make some more…. these ones seemed to have been nabbed.

We also bought new hair bands in the holidays…. can you tell?

Ok I know pinky purple isn't a school colour... but it kind of is for her.

2 Responses to “Lily & Me hair clip swap.”

  1. Beth said

    i love the clips and matching hair elastics!

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