OK Computer* bag

April 16, 2010

* This is a reference to Radiohead. The bag is much better than OK.

harrysdesk's first computer bag

The bag was made by commission for Leanne.

It needed to be able to fit her apple laptop without looking like an obvious laptop bag.

She really wanted an elephant tie used, but for the bag to be kept mostly black.

Inside she asked for multiple pockets. ( I made some fun secret pockets and a special pen place!)

Part of a t-shirt  that had sentimental value needed to be included somehow.

Although it is hard to see, the sides are padded with fleece, to protect the laptop.

I reused a bag strap and attachments for added strength (laptops can be quite heavy to carry on your shoulder) and covered the shoulder pad to match the bag.

The T-shirt used for a placement pocket.

Secret pockets and compartments

Reclaimed bag strap and 'hardware'

Covered shoulder pad.


2 Responses to “OK Computer* bag”

  1. Caroline E said

    Yes indeed. Much more than OK. It is fantastic! So many features… Well done Ally.

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