Thank You Father for keeping them safe!

March 30, 2010

Some of you, who know us personally, will know that our family and a number of others are embarking on a church plant of sorts.

More on that later, I promise, but for now we are so thankful a good percentage of our church family didn’t go home to be with Jesus last night. And neither did anyone else involved in the accident. Thank you God.

Please pray for our friends Danny and Helena and their little ones as they recover from this near miss and look for somewhere new to live, and for the drivers of the other vehicles involved.

This was the dining room where we celebrated 9 year old becoming 10, and where we hoped to get together for ‘church’.

Danny and Helena’s lounge and dining room. From the

11 year old built a swing in this frangipani tree 2 weeks ago for the little kids to play on.

Our friends image from the dailytelegragh

The van from the dailytelegragh

The garbage truck from dailytelegragh


3 Responses to “Thank You Father for keeping them safe!”

  1. Stephanie said

    That is insane!! Warm thought and energy juice heading their way!!

    xo Steph

  2. How completely dependent we are. So sad to lose a special place, so great to have the sort of relationships to whether it. God’s kindness comes out all over the place. xc.

    • allysonadeney said

      Yes Cathy. Your comment made me think about using the word independent to describe the sort of church we are starting. Maybe we should be calling it the ‘dependent’ church.

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