Bag for Misha

March 16, 2010

The Taylor.... a small flap bag with cross over strap

My friend from church Maureen commissioned me to make a bible bag for her granddaughter Misha.

Misha has just moved up to “Crossfire”, the bigger kids group and now brings her bible to church each week. Maureen thought a groovy new bag would be just the thing.

I always think it’s nice to have a choice when I buy things (even commissioned things) so I made the one above and this one…. (part of the new softer harrysdesk)

Made form a shirred dress and child's belt. The "Violet"

She choose the “Taylor”

Misha and Maureen. She couldn't have chosen a better ensemble if she had tried!


3 Responses to “Bag for Misha”

  1. Christine said

    so awesome Ally 🙂 nice work

  2. Therese H said

    Oh, Ally!! You’re so talented!!!!! I love the purple one!!!

  3. Therese H said

    The Taylor one I mean!!

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