New product give away!

March 12, 2010

Mini journal/Supercard


Here is the latest offer from harrysdesk.

I have temporarily called them the mini journal/supercard but I am trying to come up with a better name for them, and this is where you can help.

Here’s what it is.

A C6 size card with 10 pages sewn inside.

It could be used for a special letter to a friend that you imagine they might keep and maybe frame as a keepsake.

A mini journal for a particular event.

A creative alternative to a group card, where each person gets a page to write a special message.

An address book that you can keep in your bag.

from the back.... maybe you like this colour better?

The cover is made form upcycled men’s ties on reclaimed cardboard. The pages are of new and recycled paper.

What you need to do, to be part of the give away, is either tell me how you could imagine using one of these, or come up with a name for them.

The winner of the give away will receive 2 mini journal/supercards in a colour of their choice. I can make more if these colours don’t appeal to you.

I will draw the winner on Friday 19th of March, so comment away!

18 Responses to “New product give away!”

  1. Ali said

    Love them! The word “memento” springs to mind, and I’ve been trying to do something with it, but will keep at it. To make a pious entry you could have it as your little prayer “album” (looks about the same size as a pocket bible) where you stick in photos and notes of people you regularly prayer for, or list the things you pray for each day of the week if you have that kind of system. (I do like the group card idea.)

  2. Laura said

    Hey Ally, Since it is the season for Birthday invites in our house I am thinking wedding invitations or an invitation for a special event. I can imagine that this took a while to make though so I am not sure of this as a cost effective exercise.

  3. Laura said

    ps… I like the new banner statement…you sure do make stuff

  4. Meredith said

    From a self confessed stationery junkie, these are beautiful! I have been thinking about a name for them over the weekend and keep coming back to the Edwardian idea of POCKET BOOKS.

    And I love the idea of using them with ten friends to write a special letter to someone in them. Wouldn’t that be a special treat for a missionary? You could give the book to someone at your church/Bible study group and they could have it for a week to compose something lovely to write on their page and at the end of the term you have a beautiful pocket book gift of encouragement to send to a missionary.

    Good making. Well done!

  5. Nicole said

    Use it to put together a short book of poems to give to someone??

  6. sophie said

    I loike. A lot.

    I would write poetry in them of course!


  7. Meredith said

    Can I clarify what I said…because I said it too quickly in my last comment and it doesn’t seem to make sense…that one person in your Bible study group/church takes the pocket book and has it for a week to write a one page letter of encouragement to the missionary. And then they pass it onto the next person and so on. By the end of the term ten people will have written beautiful, encouraging messages and then you will have something really precious to send to your missionary.

  8. Sarah said

    I have nothing creative to say, I just want to win one…
    Oh, Ok, too slack…
    Hmmm… ‘Today’s Thoughts’ or ‘I should write that down…’
    I can see myself using it mostly as a special card with photos for a gift… eg to grandparents… A brag book with a difference…
    Love it. Love you,

  9. Nomes said

    I think I you use it as a kind of ‘thinking of you’ book. A present that you give someone who is going away with thoughts, messages, jokes, stories to remind the person whenever they read it that they are loved and you are thinking of them. A long distance love note.

  10. Anita said

    Definitely to write quotes from my 3yo and 5yo! Don’t children say the cutest, adorable and the most amusing things! Perfect size to TAKE it with you anywhere. What a wonderful way to record them in a “MiniTie Taker”. 🙂

  11. Caroline E said

    How I wish I could come up with something clever! But after 12 other comments, I’m really too late. Hopefully you’re not choosing on merit, but randomly out of a hat? Drawn on R’s 40th birthday… hmmm… maybe he’d like a note book for me to write his ‘do list’ in? 🙂
    Or, it could be used as a prayer diary, or as a farewell gift (with or without letters, drawings, poems photo attached inside front cover) to dear friend (BR) who is leaving church (sob sob).

  12. Therese H said

    I think it would be great to share amongst the girls in my bible fellowship group, shared a week at a time, to write about what we’ve learnt from God’s word during the week, what we’ve been excited by and what we’ve been challenged by, so we could pray for each other.
    So yes, a prayer diary, but also as a tool to share how we’re getting to know God better!!

  13. Caroline E said

    I got names inspiration late last night..
    How about “Journette” (a mini journal)
    or a “Buddy”? (I’ve got my Buddy in my bag, let me just get it out and write that down…. 🙂 )

    Alas, that’s not 2 entries in the draw, but there you go. That’s fair.


  14. Stephanie said

    I would write down all the wonderful things my 3 children do which make me laugh. So when I feel sad… like now :o( I can feel a little better knowing that I did a great job being their Mum and that this moment of sadness is only temporary!!
    If I had more time I would blog the give away for you!! You should have told me!!!

    xo Steph

  15. Laura said

    We chatted yesterday about ideas and I wanted to mention again I love these. Especially the pink one in the middle. I would love to frame one in a Corban and Blaire frame which has nothing to do with being a notebook….although if someone wrote something really special in one I could frame it for the sake of keeping it safe and every time I glanced at it I would remember the message wrote inside. I also like the idea of making the fabric into a canvas which again has nothing to do with your notebook idea but I love your work..Keep it up Ally.

  16. […] Congratulations gorgeous girl. You are the winner of the first give away of the year. […]

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