My Desk…..

March 8, 2010

Not my desk, but one I quite like from Apartment Therapy. Did I get you?

About a month and a half ago I was watching (fearfully) as a ‘show us your desk’ meme circled the blogosphere.

I hoped and prayed (yes, really) that it wouldn’t come my way!


I am so messy.

I work on it.

I make systems to combat it.

I look at sites like the fly lady, and actually try and do what she suggests.

I read books about how to be more ordered and tidy.

I even own enjo products ( thanks Carolyn)


I make excuses like…

but I am creative,

or I have lots of children,

or I would rather be a happy mum than a tidy mum. (because somehow in my mind I cannot reconcile the two)

But the simple fact is I am messy, and it bothers me, and I am not proud of it.

I think it will be something of an issue for me always. That said… here is my desk

This is harrysdesk, where the thinking, blogging, praying and much inspiration happens.

…. and studio (corner of our bedroom).

This is in the middle of a project day. I try and have one a week.

You can check out Nic’s desk (who tagged me) and follow the links back if you want to see more.

Now, I have to tag two people. So I tag Steph, because she has a brand new studio I want to check out, and Leila, because her Mum just revamped her space on a recent visit from the states, and it would be nice to give her a chance to show it off.

3 Responses to “My Desk…..”

  1. Sarah said

    Haha love it.
    It makes me feel so much better about my shoebox of a room. Which is actually looking quite tidy at the moment (due to lack of use more than anything)

  2. Nicole said

    Oh dear! I am still feeling guilty about tagging you!

    Thanks for sharing.

    BTW, I like yours better than the top one anyway – much more character!

    • allysonadeney said

      Don’t feel guilty anymore! But thanks for the apology…. it made you the 300th comment on my blog so you win!
      Keep watching.
      Yes and the top on is very sterile. I just needed to find something quickly for the joke. I spend enough time blogging as it is.

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