The adventures of 9 year old becoming a 10 year old.

March 1, 2010

Last Saturday was 9 year olds 10th birthday. It has taken me this long to post because the celebrations seem to have gone on and on.

On Thursday, still 9 year old and I skipped school and headed into town for a birthday adventure.

We started her day by seeing Egypt 3D at Imax in the City. (only one showing to go…. get in quick), then headed up to the market for a quick squizz at all things cheap and cheerful.

After the essential trip to Morning Glory at Market City, we ventured down into China Town to enjoy all things Asian. I have been wanting to take her into China Town for ages, because she has such a fascination for Asia, so it was lovely to surprise her with this and to share her enjoyment.

We were both getting a little peckish and so asked a shop owner where good Yum Cha was, and he recommended the  Marigold Restaurant.

I bravely asked still 9 year old to choose whatever looked interesting. She did and we ate a mixture of known and unknown dishes…. including chicken feet.

After a really lovely lunch we headed back to Shearers at Leichhardt for the little afternoon tea at the cafe before meeting up with the rest of the family of a ‘Meet the Author’ Q and A. I wrote about that here.

Happy birthday 10 year old. We thank God for you!

It was a great joy and privilege to spend the day with her. She is easy to hang out with and is incredibly thankful.

Friday she went to school. Aunty Hayley and her baby son Jack arrived for a surprise visit. They stayed the next two nights. More on that later.

Saturday morning was gift giving and the chaos of extra people in the house.  Come lunch time we all headed off, after collecting a special school friend Ruby, to watch the Sydney Flames play the Canberra Capitals in the WNBL major semi-final at the State Sports Centre. We have as a family been following the Flames and now 10 year old is the keenest of all ….maybe apart from dad.

11 year old, Ruby next, then 10 year old (complete with her birthday bag) then 3 year old. 6 year old was there, just not in the picture.

It was a really close game, but the Flames lost. An added bonus though was superstar player Lauren Jackson was back in Australia playing for Canberra.

The girls getting an autograph from Lauren Jackson.

Where is 3 year old.. you ask?

Yep... fell asleep in the very loud and exciting 4th quarter.

We ended the evening with a BBQ with some old and new friends, and a custard tart (on request)

A desert custard

Close-up of Egyptian figurines

Happy Birthday beautiful girl. You are such a blessing to us, and we love having you around.


7 Responses to “The adventures of 9 year old becoming a 10 year old.”

  1. Caroline E said

    What a cool birthday celebration! Happy Birthday 9, now 10 year old!

  2. That all sounds perfect!!
    We love you 1o year old

  3. Ben said

    You guys are awesome. Happy B’day, Miss Ten Year Old!

  4. Nomes said

    Happy Birthday lovely Miss 10. How exciting! I hope you enjoyed your chicken feet! I have also eaten chicken feet at the Marigold, although I’m not sure I enjoyed them…

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  6. Alice said

    Ally, that sounds so lovely. Remi would have loved it, what 9/10 year old wouldn’t!

  7. […] was the dining room where we celebrated 9 year old becoming 10, and where we hoped to get together for […]

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